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    CESPEX insist on people-oriented management and working philosophy. For our team members, everyone is an important part of the whole big family, we provide chanllenging post of duties with growing opportunities and competitive salaries to seatle our core technicians,management and sales talents. And of course we have strict requirements on everyone of our members. For instance,we request our sales to be eager to learn and know about the newest tendency of this market,and must possess superhard basic acknowledge about LED lighting area.Besides,quick and kind service conciousness towards our customers is also essential in business negotiation. Technicians and QA must be fully responsible for any failure of the products which come out from their hand,any product need to go through strict test nessassery before flowing to the end market.

    To our customers, we adhere to timely and professional service, we are hoping to gain the trust from our respectful customers and establish long term business relationship base on win-win mode. We operate under resonable profit margin and only provide quality products to promote the image of Made In China,and indeed make the world more energy saving and better.

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